She asks: ‚Can you finish?‘

Apartment brothel, Homburg, 2018


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„Let me tell you the good parts first: Date was easily arranged via WhatsApp. Blowjob, licking, fucking and fingering for X euros for 30 minutes or X euros for 60 minutes. At the agreed hour the door was opened for me by a beautiful girl; the online pics and her age are 100% real and her figure is incredible: Slim, but not too skinny and wonderful round 75C natural breasts. After quick negotiating I went under the shower and she then welcomed me onto the bed naked already. Now to the less positive aspects: She immediately reached for my thing and started jerking off – no kisses or cuddling. Thank god she changed into great oral after – although I couldn’t get my bit of fingering, because she was squatting near my knees – so I couldn’t reach for her great breasts at all.

So I took the initiative and asked her to join me on the bed, so that I could lick and kiss her clean pussy and her breasts. But her handjob was now interrupted by a phone call. How incredibly rude? After she consoled the caller that she’d have time for him later, she put a rubber on with great effort, because an interrupting phone call isn’t exactly sexually stimulating. Had difficulty getting it into her hole in missionary, but enjoyed the view of her greats breasts during the act. In order not finish after only 10 minutes I decided to switch to fucking in doggy – what a great view, sadly no mirror for me to see her swinging tits.

Now comes her verbal request ‚Can you finish up?‘ – I reply ‚Nah, there’s still time‘ – she takes a look at her phone and I say ‚I’ve only been her 20 minutes‘ (including talking, getting undressed and showering). She answers: ‚But you need time to get dressed again.‘ That was all turning me off quite a bit. Me wanking myself off and then spraying my cum on her breasts suddenly wasn’t allowed anymore, although we had agreed on that via WhatsApp – probably the language barrier. Well, so I came into the rubber, cleaned myself up and took a shower. While getting dressed there was useless attempt at after sex talk and she was on her phone. Back in my car I noticed that only 26 minutes had really passed so far (including 2 minutes of walking to the car). So she had lied to me about the time on her phone, which must have been purposefully put forward. ‚No‘ I’d say, that’s really not okay.“

Source: Ladies Forum. 2018. Accessed 12.10.2018.

homburg-2018-ladies-de4.pngHomburg 2018 Ladies de2

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