A Body like a sixteen-year-old

„Butterfly“ apartement, Munich, 2018

Butterfly eng

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„You gotta take her as she comes: I like going to see her. I go pretty much everytime she’s in Augsburg or Munich. Initially I just wanted a quick number for X euro. When you take her from behind the feeling is amazing and you don’t last for longer than 20 minutes. I could have sprayed my cum twice.

But by now we’ve grown accustomed to each other and it all runs smooth. Our after sex talk is quite nice, it’s like having a girlfriend. So now I always book her for 30 minutes and spray my cum twice, one time I even had her vor 60 minutes. Kima* is quite the nice, calm gal. You just gotta treat her well. Can hardly believe she’s supposed to be 26 or 27. She looks at least 5 years younger and her body is like that of 16-year-old.

She isn’t the active type – she’s more submissive. She holds out her ass and let’s you bang her silly. 😀 Her blowjobs are very gentle and slow. She’s not a fast mare, instead she takes her cowgirling slow. Maybe it’s better that way, or it would all be over after just 5 minutes. First she rides you till you almost cum, then you bang her thoroughly from behind. Quick break, a bit of chatting and repeat.“

*Name changed

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 30.06.2018. Accessed 13.01.2019.

lusthaus forum butterfly münchen terminwohnung abgerufen am 13-01-2019

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