Consume little whores every week


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Sex buyer: „The Nordic Model… haha! It’s not coming! As long as German women keep going with their emancipation-trip, they’ll push more and more men towards prostitutes and the industry will keep booming. Anyway, I’m going to eat breakfast now, take a shower and then go down to the 44 for some exercise… Gotta chase my skinny little mouse through some sex-positions…“

Facebook User: „Have you got no shame? Very saddening and self-harming. But a person, who posts prostitutes, showy cars and bundles of money on his Facebook page, putting this much emphasis on status, simply hasn’t yet grasped what kind of universal (human, and societal) values are worth fighting for.“

Sex buyer: „Why should I be ashamed? I’m single, got my virility intact and go out to consume a little whore several times a week. Have been doing this for 15 years and will keep doing so. It’s a hobby…“

Facebook, 2017

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