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In an earlier version of this post, the law this comment was refering to was falsely identified as the Nordic Model. The comment is talking about a different law of limited sex buyer punishment and was since corrected:

„Keep calm, comrades: [The newly passed law punishing men who pay to access women forced into prostitution is] just a bunch of fear-mongering just like the threat of mandatory condom use*. There’s no way to control that. If I ask a sex service provider for her price, no matter what that price is, I can’t tell if she’s being forced. I’m certainly not the one forcing her and her private life is none of my concern. I’m talking to a woman, who is for sale, so all I talk about is the experience I want to have with her, what that’ll cost me and if I feel that it’s worth the cash. The sex service provider doesn’t care where my money comes from and how I’ve earned it, whether I enjoyed making it or if I was forced to work, no matter in what form (working hours, overtime, secondary job) and neither does the jobsworth politician, who clamors for a good reason to exist.“

*Mandatory condom use became law in Germany in July 2017.

Source: AO Huren Forum. 07.04.2016. Accessed 17.08.2018.

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