I wanted a sweet-sixteen girl

Apartment brothel, Innsbruck, 2011

000 Deutsch

„Sweet sixteen: A lady put up her ad as ’sweet sixteen‘. I was surprised about her voice on the phone, cuz that didn’t sound ’sweet sixteen‘ or even ’sweet twenty‘, it was too low. I thought I’d have me a really young girl. To my great surprised, when I arrived at the apartment there stood a 29-year-old Dominican – with a belly, so not slim like her online photo. Very nice and friendly, but not ’sweet sixteen‘. She was angry, when I told her about the text in her ad. She said, her man puts up the ads, and that she didn’t like the ad text either.“

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 12.06.2011. Accessed 06.06.2019.

lusthaus abgerufen 06 06 2019ss

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