13-14-year-old girl high on drugs

Apartment brothel, South Tyrol, 2016


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„So, what can I say? Went there a while ago, but the only person there was an older Chinese lady, who smelled like booze. I was about to turn around and walk away, when she promised she’d be quite able to satisfy me. But the service she offered wasn’t even worth a price in cents. But later, since I knew the Chinese rotate their woman a lot, I was curious enough to give it a second try.

This time around the same old Chinese woman opened the door, but when I turned my back on her this time, she told me that she also had a girl on offer, who was available right now. And this girlie really had it in her – literally. First of all, I felt like she could not be 18 yet or even close to that age. She appeared to me like a girl around 13-14 years, 16 at best. At least she seemed very, very childlike and playful.

She waited impatiently, jumping up and down on the bed, until I got undressed. Then she jumped on top of me (like a small child would jump into its fathers’ arms to be carried around), and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I was so perplexed and surprised that I didn’t know how to react.

She hadn’t even developed any breasts yet and she was totally hairless downstairs (just like a schoolgirl). I’m not entirely sure whether she was on drugs, the old lady after all was drinking heavily. Either way this girl was super tight and, in my assessment, hasn’t had many men yet, so I couldn’t penetrate her that deeply (maybe like half my penis length), and then it seemed to hurt her and she pushed me off.

She then tried to appease me with a blowjob and I let her do it. As expected, she was very inexperienced, but she tried really hard, did absolutely anything I requested immediately. I was allowed to do anything I wanted to her, whatever came to my mind. But first I relieved myself into her mouth, she swallowed it all.

Next, I wanted to lie down next to her and stroke and spoil her body, but she jumped on me to cowgirl me and pushed my dick into her tight hole. Because my dick was kinda soft and non-erect at the time this kinda worked out and she enjoyed riding me until it was back in business. Then she took it into her mouth again I emptied my balls.

I was pretty beat after that, then she said: ‚Massage?“ Well, I didn’t really care either way, so I let her. A bit on my back, my neck, my butt… I thought this would be the end of it. Then I noticed her hands massaging my balls with interest, very carefully, but intensely. My John Thomas couldn’t watch that quietly and he stood again, so I was forced to switch from lying on my belly to lying on my back.

She laughed with her round face, when she so my ‚predicament‘ and began sucking it again. I emptied myself once more into her mouth and was totally dead and done. I’ve never experienced anything like this. I was torn and had a bad feeling. This girl was creeping me out. This is totally not normal. Maybe, like I said, drugs are to blame. Can’t explain her behavior any other way. I thought about her a lot after I had left.

I couldn’t rest after this experience so a few days later I went back, hoping to see this girl again. To my disappointment only the Chinese lady was present, who made me shudder rather than sexually exited. So, I left that place asap. When I called them on the phone a while later, asking about the little girl, the old woman claimed they still had her on offer, but then she admitted it was just her present in the brothel. So, I let things rest and won’t be going back there again. Maybe one of you experienced something similar and can confirm my experience?“

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 02.05.2016. Accessed 06.06.2019.

lusthaus forum südtirol abgerufen am 06-06-2019

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