Buying 16-year-olds is totally fine


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„Hello, you guys are ridiculous. If a 16-year-old chick hits on me or she lets me know she’d be up for it, I’d totally take her up on her offer and show that little gal how nice sex can be. Anyway, dear people, in Switzerland there is an escort-service whose got 16-year-olds on offer for your pleasure for 500 Alpine dollars. In Switzerland prostitution is legal from age 16. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it, but sadly it’s true.

As long as there are women and girls who will sell their bodies for dough and as long as the government accepts this, too, people don’t have to go around moralizing. Animals don’t ask each other how old they are either. Anyway, when I look at a lot of girls walking down the street and how they are dressed, if I was their dad, I’d freak the hell out. So generally I think having sex with 16-year-olds is totally fine. If you got a different opinion, well, you’re stupid.“ 😀

The profile picture of the sex buyer shows scenes taken from so-called „lesbian“ porn.

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 03.08.2003. Accessed 06.06.2019.

lusthaus pedo 06 06 2019

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