The women don’t choose this

Salon Pankow, Berlin, 2018


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„Some women are not interested in sex at all. This is only the case though if the lady is in pain right now, or she’s not into you or you got both going on. There are some good, well-groomed women and some unkempt ones, too. It’s important to consider the body language of the women. You can tell whose into it and who isn’t. But if you want some really good sex, you gotta invest something between 50 and 100 euros and you gotta go see a private lady. Those who think the women choose to be there, man, you’re wrong about that…But if you don’t care about that and you’re taking it easy, then maybe this is the place for you.“

Source: Google Maps. 2018. Accessed 12.05.2019.

Salon Pankow Google Maps Abgerufen am 12-05-2019

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