Laws against forced prostitution unenforceable


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„Maybe those pranksters from Berlin* plan to be in the room when things are getting hot and heavy holding up their flashlights to identify if the lady in question is being forced into it. Who thinks enforcing this law is remotely feasable? What lady is gonna admit that she is forced to spread her legs for us? They are way too afraid their bloke is gonna punch them in the face again. I don’t condone forced prostitution at all, but you can hardly subdue or control it.“

*referring to lawmakers passing an act in 2017 to criminalize men who pay to access trafficked women

The profile picture of this sex buyer shows a close-up shot of a woman’s vulva, her labia spread apart by hands.

Source: AO Huren Forum. 08.04.2016. Accessed 15.06.2019.

AO Huren Forum Abgerufen am 15-06-2019-arschloch

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