Hookers sick in the head

FKK Palmas, Nuremberg, 2017


000 Deutsch

„Yesterday I messaged her on WhatsApp, after I recovered her number. I had many nice nights with her, last time I was with her about 4 weeks ago I gave her an old Galaxy phone, cause her’s was blocked for some reason. We said goodbye like usual and I went on a longer business-trip. As I said, yesterday I wrote her asking how she was doing. First she send me a reply in some mix of English and Romanian, that I didn’t understand. Then I asked her if she was at the Palmas and if we could meet up. Her reply: ‚Fuck you.‘ Then she blocked me.

So, I’m thinking she won’t show her face again so soon. She once told me about this filthy rich Italian guy, who wants to have her. I presume he’s the one fincancing her now. Well, learned ince again, that one should never do more than pay for sex. Those hookers are all the same… sick in the head. Although ‚they always come back‘. Learned that concering a different one just recently…“

Source: Ladies Forum. 15.04.2017. Accessed 11.05.2019

FKK Palmas Gepostet am 15.04.2017 abgerufen am 11.05.2019

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