How can I avoid baby-hookers?

Street Prostitution, Munich, Date unknown


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„Where can one go look round the train station. Are there baby hookers around that you gotta watch out for, so you won’t get in trouble? There was something on TV about that once. The whole area is a no prostitution zone – there is no specific area [to find prostitutes], because the police is present openly and undercover looking to bust illegal prostitution and not without cause – there is all sorts of crimes happening there including coital theft, sexual coercion and robbery – all happened over the past couple of months.

Running around there, you step into a bunch of traps – either you get ripped off by some shady Eastern European, who is to lazy to go and do a normal job or the police picks you up, because you don’t live in Munich they will make the questioing last longer, maybe you’ll get a letter send home, which is really great when you don’t live alone, but have a partner or family members who find a letter from the police station in your mailbox. Life is about to get pretty exciting at home…“

Source: AO Huren Forum. Date unknown. Accessed 23.05.2019.

Bahnhof München AO Huren Abgerufen am 23.05.2019

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