After some consideration the prices mentioned in punter quotes were censored. Here are the reasons for that decision, as well as an overview over observations made from the now censored data:

Why the censoring?

Occasionally fiscal authorities utilize punter forums to search for prostituted women in order to derive tax revenue. In order for this blog to not be a pathway for such searches, all explicit pricing have been censored. The German state should be ashamed of itself for going after prostituted women, who e.g. have not publically registered, for their money, when that time and money could instead be spent hunting for traffickers and rapists (for whose crimes the forums provide ample evidence).

Our observations

The sex buyers whose citations were collected on this page mentioned prices ranging from 20 to 250 euros. The average came to about 50-60 euro for 30 minute bookings and about 100-120 for a full hour; on the street women usually make between 5-20 euro per punter. How much of that money the woman in question actually gets to keep remains unclear, while sex buyers openly discuss the big cuts that pimps and brothel owners take of the women’s earnings. According to a number of support centers for prostituted women only about half of the paid price goes to into the woman’s pocket (source & and more details linked later on). Women, who were paid three digit sums, were objectified, described using misogynistic slurs (including three-hole-mare, cunt, hole, hussy, hooker, etc.), often described as lacking enthusiasm and they, too, experienced violations of their sexual boundaries at the hands of sex buyers.

What must be taken into consideration with the pricing

The price which a buyer pays rarely fully ends up in the pocket of the prostituted woman. A variety of people take cuts from her earnings including pimps, brothel-owners, escort-agency owners and/or costs for advertising – meaning even women who are not pimped usually have other people they owe money, too, and only get to keep a portion of the original payment. Additionally, all those publicly registered as prostitutes pay taxes. The monthly earnings of a prostituted woman (in the legal trade, no pimp, no children) as calculated by the makers of the ZDF documentary film „Bordell Deutschland“ from 2017:

7 buyers x 30€ (with condom) = 210€ per day
–> 140 buyers per month = 4200€ per month
Brothel rent: 115€ per day = 2300€
Taxes: 14€ per day for 20 work days = 280€
Apartment rent: 10 days x 60€ = 600€
Daily needs: Food, clothing, condoms, etc. = 420€
Total spending: = 3600€
Earnings = 4200€
– Spendings = 3600€
total = 600€*

*Assuming the prostituted woman is indeed visited by 7 buyers everyday. If there are fewer than the various costs nonetheless have to be paid – especially the daily rent brothel room rent, which is commonly within the three digits.

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