„She let me fuck her for a good while, but was totally unresponsive.“

Street Prostitution, Essen, 2008

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„Relaxed from the thai massage I felt like getting some, so off I went to the PB in Essen. Turned around and finally caught sight of a fitting catch*. Because we couldn’t communicate I haven’t got a name for you. About 1,65 cm**, slim, small tits (A-Cup), shaved, some type of mediterranean, location some place near the construction side.

Loaded her into my car and drove to this weird place behind the construction area, got undressed and let her blow me briefly – sort of. She had a rubber ready, but I kind of didn’t want to debate about it, so I played along ([bad pun lost in translation]) – well, she let me fuck her good for a while, but was totally unresponsive, at some point I removed the condom, rubbed my little guy against her pussy and carefully knocked against it [now condomless] – no reaction from her, so I put it in, fucked real nice and spawned into her.

She had tissues readdy for both of us, I droped her off and that was the end of it. After some bad weather, blocked streets and resulting detours I am now back home. Does anyone have any tips for girls who will do it rubberless around Essen? Greetings, T.“

*In German slang the term „bride“ is used to refer to a woman who is a „real catch“, even if the literal meaning doesn’t refer to any sort of long-term relationship – depending on the recipient it may be interpreted as a compliment or an insult

**5 ft 5 in

Source: AO Huren Forum („Condom Free Whores Forum“). Access date unknown.

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