„Totally exhausted, dissociated, constantly yawning, lacked all enthusiasm.“

Privathaus 19 A, Wuppertal, 2017

Privathaus 19 A Wuppertal

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„Warning: Vanessa* from Club Royal is a complete disappointment and total rip-off! On the phone I negotiated X euro for 45 minutes with her. Decided on slight domination with a Golden Shower. When I arrived to see her, she was totally exhausted and lacked all enthusiasm. When we went to a private room, she first asked me for my money, as though she wasn’t sure she’d be getting it. I gave her X instead of X, gifting her the X bucks change. Then she disappeared for quite a while to the point that I wondered whether she had forgotten about me!? At some point she returned and handed me a towel: She asked me to take a shower and disappeared again. I showered extensively and took a lot of time to dry my self off, but she was still gone [when I came out].

When she finally came back we went to bed, but she was pretty lackluster. Totally dissociated, constantly yawning she practiced some casual Facesitting, while I had to get myself off. Not a hint of dominating behaviour. Even the Gold Shower was a fail, because she couldn’t go at the time. So far so good. Then after 30 minutes (!) it was all over. I got dressed and we barely talked. Only when I told her, that she had been quick about it (so quick that she was early in her schedule for the next customer), she became loud (and woke up a bit) and seriously insisted that 45 minutes had passed already. I decided to let it go and left, because the situation seemed about to escalate. My takeaway: Never again!“

*Name changed

Source: Google Maps. 2017. Accessed July 14th, 2018.

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