Man-hating feminazis coming for johns


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Comment 1: „Have they gone completely bonkers!! Link. What kind of man-hating feminazis managed to get their way here??? They voted on this through raising of hands!! So that no one could abstain!! Dear French hookers: Come on over to us!! If, as I surely hope, the feminazis over here DON’T get their panties in a twist and demand something similar, you are more than welcome!! The more of you, the better!!“

Comment 2:Link. There’s NOTHING, and I mean nothing to add to the headline of this article*!!! At some point they have to tire of this hate speech!! I hope lots of men feel as I do!!“

*The article headline reads: ‚Shut up, Alice‘ refering to Germany’s most prominent feminist activist, Alice Schwarzer, who is also a prostitution abolitionist.

Source: Tabulos Forum. 01.12.2013. Access date unknown.nordisches modell frankreich tabulos

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