Girls are forced and abused

FKK Pompeji, Nuremberg, 2017


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„Another visit to the Pompeji in Nuremberg: A few days ago I once again found myself by the Pompeji in Nuremberg, ringing the doorbell with joyful anticipation and entered the place. I already knew that it had a new owner and that his name was Eddy*. Romanian music sounded throughout the establishment, which – as it turns out – kept playing throughout the entire evening. Yes, it depends on your musical taste, but I really don’t think that it needs to be played all night and it’s quote annoying actually.

Then I see Eddy at the bar, snogging a woman, as though they were about to have sex. They then made me sit in the center of the establishment to keep me controlled and to keep an eye on me. That was a weird feeling and really prevented me from feeling relaxed and at home. Then I began to notice, that he’s trying to control all the Romanian women there and the fact that they are forced to work for him was confirmed later on.

In my eyes what goes on there is straight-up pimping and I also saw a blond women getting beat up. Someone should tell the cops. Additionally I got the feeling Eddy was either drunk or high. When I went to a private room later on, two women told me that they are scared of him, that he threatens them and forces them to work, which is something they never wanted. He’s apparently the brother-in-law of Moritz* and Rosa’s* brother.

Somehow this place is no longer what it used to be. It’s more like a mafia-place now, where the girls are afraid and forced to work for this gentleman. I felt really sorry for both girls and am seriously wondering: Where will this end and when this nice little place be completely ruined and closed? It’s sad to lose this neat little place, but maybe the owner will wake up and save it – that’s what I’m hoping for at least.“

*names changed

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 23.10.2017. Accessed 18.10.2018.

FKK Pompeji 2017 Lusthaus 2

FKK Pompeji 2017 Lusthaus 2B

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