No woman prostitutes for fun

Hat sie es nicht für Geld gemacht - Nur dann könnt ihr behaupten, dass sie Spaß hatte - ENG

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„On the topic of German prostitutes who rip you off – a message to all punters: Have you ever met a prostitute who didn’t do you for money? If so, then you can claim, that she enjoyed it. Otherwise keep your unqualified comments to yourself, farm boys. Take a moment to think about why women prostitute themselves: Certainly not because the sex is fun. Every pretty woman can get a guy at any damn disco. And now to the reason for prostitution: Mostly it’s for lack of money, because some wanker left her in massive debt. Or because she’s forced like all those women from Eastern Europe, from whom you can catch all kinds of diseases, if you fuck’m without protection! Well, there you can see just how backward all you Swiss farmers are. A small joke at the end: One time this Swiss punter told me that there were too many foreigners in Switzerland, so I told him: ‚It’s time for you to leave the country.'“

Koko kara.

Source: Tabulos Forum („No Taboos Forum“). Sep 9th, 2011. Accessed May 15th, 2018.

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