„Not motivated at all: Everything has to be quick, quick, quick.“

Caligula, Berlin, 2017

Caligula Berlin 2017

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„It looks nice from the outside, but that’s all. I paid X euro for: Free drinks, service at the bar was okay; 6 or 7 not so pretty girls, obviously not motivated at all. Sex is included in X euros, but everything has to be quick, quick, quick in a small and dirty room and everything costs extra; girls all the time asking for drinks or to go with 3 or 4 to the room; I was banging a girl, [when] another girl entered the room and they were talking and talking. There are better places in Berlin, even in the streets you’ll be able to find way better girls: Better looking, better service and a better price.“

Source: Google Maps. 2017. Accessed 16.05.2018.

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