„I’ve fucked every nationality, except maybe an eskimo woman.“

nationalitäten durchprobieren ao forum

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„The best type of women various widely over the years. 🙂 This is just my punting experience: About 1990 (beginning of my punting career) until about 1995 the Thaigirls and Dominicans (in carabarets) were my favorites. And sometimes older Swiss gals in studios or from the streets. 😀 1995 to 200 mostly Brazilians and Africagirls (Bars) plus Dominicans and Morocco (Cabarets). 2000 till 2005 the Romanians joined the group. Black beauties were also pretty popular (Sonne, Luganobar, etc.). 😛 2005 till 2012 I was fucking nothing put Polish and Hungarians. 🙂 Right now I’m still favoring the horny Polish gals. 😉 Swiss, German, Russian and Ukrainian women are too cold, too expensive and too bitchy. 🙂 I’ve probably fucked every nationality out there, except maybe an eskimo woman. 😀 | Location: Wherever you find natural tits and horny mouths ripe for kissing and spraying cum into!!!“

Source: AO Huren Forum. 24.10.2012. Accessed 15.05.2018.

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