„Perfect teen-body with unspent breasts. Sadly she didn’t respond to my touch.“

Apartment brothel, Chemnitz, 2018

Terminwohnung Chemnitz 2018

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„Had an experience with Lucy* today. When I saw her photos on Ladies.de I could hardly believe that they’re truly up-to-date. But it’s a fact: The pictures are new and she really has this perfect teenie-body with these unspent beautiful breasts. Sadly her teeth are pretty bad, but that didn’t stop me. The standard program costs X euros for 30 minutes of action, I decided to add oral/fingering to that and ended up with X bucks for half an hour. Sadly she did not respond to my attempts to spoil her. 😦 She did oral well and the tight intercourse got me hot despite the awful condom, so that I almost came too early. Conclusion: Super cute teenie-girl, sadly with broken teeth and no girlfriend-sex-factor. Better save on those extras. Chances of me returning: 30%, cuz there’s lots of girls to go around in Chemnitz.“

*Name changed

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 2018. Accessed 15.09.2018.

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