„She was completely drunk, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.“

FKK Pirates Club, Bruchsal near Mannheim, 2015

FKK Pirates Park Bruchsal Mannheim 2015

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„I’m such an idiot… Should have been able to see right through her clumsy chat-up tactics… and see that she (as she later said herself!) was completely drunk, which I could tell, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing… When she started to run (!) from one corner of the room to the next though to not waste a single second between then and getting me to a private room, well, at that point I really should have walked away… I know that the drama which ensued is my fault. Wise guys who want to lecture me later on can keep it to themselves… 🙂 Once in the private room she made me wait quite a while (I wondered whether she had gone to clean herself up or whether she was downstairs downing some more alcohol…) and upon reentering the room she immediately said that the only way to get decent service out of her was to pay for at least an hour, so I really should have known what was about to follow…

I’ll make it short: No kissing; no oral on her; no second was I allowed to fumble her breasts; after 10 minutes I was so annoyed that I got up and left before even having sprayed my load (!). This is the kind of oral to stay far away from – thought she was gonna bite off my noodle… Next she put a rubber on my partially flaccid little friend and laid down on her back (‚I drunk, I no cowgirl, you do it!‘) and this didn’t improve at all with going into doggy. I’ll spare you the details as I’ve mentioned the main points. Chances of me returning 0,0000%. Too bad, too bad, this pretty evening at this beautiful club had to come to such a sad end.“

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 2015. Accessed 06.08.2018.


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