Rip-off is the Romanian mentality

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„Surely not all of them. I once had this Romanian whore with pretty good service quality and adequate pricing, who was also educated and eloquent and to top it all off really enjoyed our thing. The rip-off-cunts are those who want to make money fast, but provide as little as possible in return. There’s no such think as ‚work ethos‘ or ‚business fairness‘ in the world of these Romanian ladies. It’s the same with the men, btw, who, since Romania joined the EU, really want to a piece of our pie and are willing to commit various kinds of crimes to achieve that goal when they come here. Why countries that can’t reach minimal standards of decency are even allowed to join the EU is beyond me.

And that is why chances are high that when you’re getting ripped-off the chick in question is Romanian rather than any other nationality. As I mentioned above this reflects the mentality of an entire people. I know, torches and pitchforks await me. But this is the experience that I’ve made with these people throughout my life. Not just prostitutes, but also men and women who I met during work or other areas of and situations in life. Sure, it’s usually the primitive ones with few or no educational opportunities, of whom there exist some in every country of the world, who plain don’t have any moral standards. But this topic isn’t really suited for this forum.“

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 06.01.2013. Accessed 15.05.2018.

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