Women are controlled by fear


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„I get that you took a liking to the ladies of [company name censored] (and I’m only writing about those women here), but things were not as fine and dandy as you’re making them out to be. You evaluated the situation correctly in relation to the motivation of the women to come to Germany. Those are as varied as the women themselves, but mostly easily understood and not without honorable intent. It could well be paying off hospital bills for the family, education, hopes of opening her own boutique or even her own brothel back home.

But what then happens over here in Germany is something else entirely. The [company name censored] wasn’t some kind of girl camp. That place was all centered on the financial interest of the managers. The women there did not get to choose whether to work with out without rubbers – that was decided for them. A few resisted best they could, but all were ‚convinced‘ in the end. The personal freedom of the women was limited, too, certainly according to our understanding of human rights. They couldn’t walk into town or any place else whenever they wanted (when they didn’t have to work). They always had to be in the company of other women or a controller…

When the women arrived here they created considerable costs for the managers. They had to work to pay back that money, no ifs and buts. The kind of sums we’re talking about are impossible to earn in the home countries of these women and the conditions and for us Europeans, rough customs, criminality and brutality in those countries, should make it clear to anyone why the worry of being unable to pay back that money would make anyone controlled by fear.“

Source: AO Huren Forum. 22.02.2007. Access date unknown.

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