Hookers don’t care about us


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„Psychology: A significantly above-average attractive person does not have put in a lot of effort for the sake of romance, because lots of people desire him/her. That impacts the whole life story of such a person and many of these people are pretty frustrated, because their sense of their worth is based on their attraction, which makes them intensely arrogant, which means that people who are initially strongly attracted to them have their feelings turn into dislike.

Why do relationships of good-looking people often not last long? Well, the expectations on both sides are extremely high and this can’t work out in the long-run. A luxury whore with a top-notch body spends all her time thinking about how to best present and consequently sell herself. Because the idiots who will pay her loads of money, just to hold such a pretty face in their arms or rather have her lie blow them, well, she feels that they are below her level and therefore a mere annoyance. Nonetheless her work often is annoying and many service providers let that slip through and that’s why they get all these bad reviews.

There are some punters, who can shake that knowledge right off and they simply pay for the service they came for and enjoy it, without being bothered by the fact that the hooker in question literally doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them. Other punters, myself included, can’t handle even the fleeting thought of knowing the old lady wants to get rid of you asap, because this leads to jamming down there, while sometimes all that can still get you to shoot your load is imagining some other scenario inside your head.”

Source: AO Huren Forum. July 17th, 2016. Accessed September 21st, 2018.meckpom letzte kraft

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